Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Great Obamanation

(And a Prayer)
By: William P. Lear, Jr. – Patriot First

T’was the night of the elections
And all through the House
Sat the fat Dems of Congress
All sated and soused

Waiting to hear, what they thought was so clear
That their Boy, “the Messiah”, had made it appear
That, indeed, he had won by the slimmest of chance
In spite of the folks who knew his dumb stance

How they wailed and they sobbed when the news they did get
That all of their efforts had just turned to sh*t
Their socialist future was now down the tubes
All a result of our dear precious “rubes”

Who weren’t fooled by the demons of socialist “change”
And who found these ideas, all akin to the mange
Who knew very well, by their most basic thoughts
That these socialist miscreants had to be tossed

The REAL folks did rally ‘gainst this dismal lot
Who thought our dear country could surely be bought
How wrong they all were when the people did speak
To roust them from power and freedom to seek

America the great, and all we hold dear,
Must be saved from these demons, from whom we all fear
Rise up and speak and say it quite loudly

Be off with you fools who try to betray us
You’re nothing but rabble who want to destroy us
Take your wares elsewhere, where the sun doesn’t shine
And hear us all shout, “AMERICA IS MINE”!

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Anonymous said...

Nice twist on an old classic, Bill.

If you need some more ammo, send some of the 10% knuckle-draggers here:

Steyn said it pretty well.