Friday, October 17, 2008

A String of 'em this morning!

"Dear Mr. Lear,

The attached eMAIL was sent to me by a friend. If this was truly written by you I applaud you. Thank you for having the courage to stand up and be counted. I am proud to be an American and like you will put country first at all I times.

If it was not written by you I apologize for the intrusion.

For love of country,
Maria P______"

Yes, indeed, it was I who wrote the piece ... And I thank you ever so much for you kind words of encouragement!



I am sending the attached info. (MY PLEA) to a few of my friends. Please feel free to pass this letter on to as many people that U know WILL "pass the word". I respect Mr. Bill Lear for not only being an outstanding American but also his contribution to G. A., {general aviation}. Mr. Lear THANK U for not being afraid to put your thoughts down on paper for the whole world to see. Semper Fi, "Charlie Brown""

Good morning, Charlie Brown! Good to hear from you! How is Linus?

Many thanks for your generous words of encouragement. All best wishes.



"Dear Mr. Lear,
I received an email "fwd." of a letter titled "A serious comment by Bill Lear (Lear jet)" and I want to verify with you that it actually IS from you. Personally, I respect and agree with your viewpoints, and my husband and I plan to vote against Obama, being horrified at the possibility of him 'running' our country. So that I can assure my friends that you wrote it, would you verify in a reply back?
Thank you sincerely,
Louise B_____
Phoenix, AZ"

"Dear Mr. Lear,
I am honored to have had this contact with you! I will get your words out and about and pray that the minds of Americans everywhere are opened to the true nature of B.O. (Interesting initials!)
Thank you very much!!!
Louise B______"

Dear Mrs. B_____,

Yes, indeed, I am that author and I think you for making that verification! I also thank you for joining me in our attempt to defrock this imposter and charlatan.

With all kindest wishes.

Bill Lear


"Dear Sir, I feel exactly the way you do about Obama, but as an average American I do not have the clout you do. I find that of the people I know who are voting for Obama they will brook no argument that he is not the one to lead America at this critical time. They are voting on their feelings...he is their hero...he is the savior etc. Thus we have no way to get them to listen to reason. I truly fear Obama and have no idea who he really is and what does really stand for. Also my friends and neighbors were talking about the tremendous amount of money he raises and the fact that no reporter or news agency has looked into where all this money is coming from.

Sorry to rattle on, but thank you for your letter and I will pass it on.

Jo Ann W_______
Phoenix, Arizona"

Dear, Dear Ms. W______ -

Thank you ever so much for your words of encouragement and thank you for passing along my plea for sanity - gratefully appreciated!

Bill Lear


"My sincere thanks, Mr. Lear, for sharing your wisdom. I stand with you!

Jill C_____
Grand Forks, ND"
Dear Ms. C____,

You're a love to reply! Thank you for your kind words.

Bill Lear


"Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the American people.
I can not believe how they don't care 'who' takes office as long as
it is Democratic. How do you get through, to these ignorant people?
(The media makes it so biased and unfair.)
I believe Obama is a real danger! Yes, John McCain is the better of
the two evil's... He gets my vote.
Thank you! Tracy 10-17-08"

Dear Tracy,

Can't thank you enough for your words of encouragement! Between the media, the Demoncats and the declining intelligence of the American people, we have a real struggle ahead.

All best wishes and thanks again for your response -



"Bill: I just returned home after dinner .... opened your envelope .... and pulled out your book.... Awesome... the 45. cal bullet hole was my first impression... and it was a good one... I roamed around trying to read it a bit, unable to put it down, when my wife said, get packing.. We are off to L.A. in the morning with two grand kids that we are taking on their first trip to Disney Land... Can't wait to get to 21,000... auto pilot on. center turned up on the radio, and dive in to your tale.... From the parts I read, I was laughing and grinning... I know I am going to relate well with your story and will report back next week. Thanks for thinking of me ...... CHEERS ! Chuck"


Am delighted that you're enjoying my scribe-lings written with you in mind!! Hope your trip to Disney Land was a memorable one. Am sure the grandkiddies loved it. I await your final approval before releasing the order for half-a-million copies!

All best, Chuck.



"What about Sarah Palin? What is McCain dies, do you think she is experienced enough?"

I'd put my money on an honest former Mayor and now Governor before I'd trust a glib and shady D.C. politician who's never run anything except a committee and who's been slopping at the public trough for 37 years.

All best -



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