Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Short time, long road

"Dear Mr. Lear:
I believe that you are not only correct in your summation on Barak Obama, but that you are missing some on the other salient features that need to be looked at. Like, he does not salute or flag, he does not sing the national anthem, in fact he wants to change our flag and our anthem to" something less threatening to other countries". Most importantly he is leading the effort to miss lead our young. They are teaching about Obama as a positive figure, a "Hero", and one to be looked up to in our classrooms across America. How, because of the miss guided efforts of Acorn and people who do not recognize socialism when they hear or see it. Obama scares me to death. I'am very afraid for America and what she is doing today. This mistake of voting this man in will destory America as we now it forever. I wish I could convince the infatuated voters to wake up and look at the truth, and not at what Obama is preaching. There is no substance to his policies; how does he expect to pay for anything he is promising. He can't with out taking complete control of our whole government and changing America from a democracy into a dictatorship. We are looking at the fall of the Roman Empire (these Untied States). America will never be the same again is this man gets to be President of The United States.
Thank you Mr. Lear for your time and attention. I am just an average American citzen that is very concerned about the downfall of our nation.

Very truly yours,

And you're sooo right! We have a short time to go and a long hard road in front of us, but we MUST prevail or this country will lost at the hands of Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Keep the faith and if the ship seems to be sinking, row even harder!


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