Saturday, October 18, 2008

We play no favorites

"your a tool. you really believe that McCain is the right man for the job? that why this country is going to shit. people like you! is it that Obama doesn't give a shit about the upper class rich fucks like yourself? are you mad cause you will have to pay more taxes cause you make more money with Obama?

also get off this war hero crap! it's played out! am glad he did that for his country, but that doesn't make him a better leader for this country. you are a typical American influenced by a hero's story.

if McCain does win and this country hit the toilet i will write you again from south America to say your a dumb ass again! "

We play no favorites. Even hate mail from those suffering from acute dementia is duly recorded, logged and posted.

In view of your penurious position, may we assume that you are currently being institutionalized at taxpayer expense?

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