Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hong Kong, Djibouti

After a few hours sleep, woke up this morning to 130+ email about my plea. Had a phone call in the wee hours from Hong Kong and then email from
Djibouti. The internet really removes barriers.

"Hi Bill,
Got my copy of your book and thank you very much. I am almost
thru with a book about Winston Churchill and will start yours as soon as I
can. Should have it finished well before the elections.

I enjoy your articles and envy your storied career. You have led an
exciting life and it's fun to know someone of your stature."

To my immense surprise I am thoroughly enjoying "Bernie's War".
I'm not done so I can't file my book report yet, but I can say that no one but you could write this.
It's brilliant, raunchy, engrossing, outrageous, unique..... Yes, It's Bill Lear Jr. doing what only he can."

Your message made it all worthwhile!! I began the book in Sep of last year and put it aside when I fell ill again and damned near croaked this past spring. When things began heating up politically I figgered I better get my ass in gear and finish it before the events I was predicting actually began taking place.


"Mr. Lear, Thank you for your thoughts on Obama for president. I agree with
you 100%. Everyone I talk to is going to vote for McCain, but the media
keeps telling us that Obama is ahead in the polls. Go figure.
Thanks again, Bob"

Thanks, Bob, for being a thinking American. I think we have a chance.


Biden warned today that President Obama will be faced with a crises soon and we may not approve of his response. Do you suppose that response may include abandonment of our historic ally Isreal to appease our Islamic enemies?
Stay tuned."
Thanks! NOTHING would surprise me about Obama. We've simply GOT to defrock this imposter.
"Hi Bill,
Read your letter this morning. Just want you to know that there are one helleva lot of folks that totally agree with you and I'm sure one of them.
I traveled a lot all over the world while working for the government and I totally agree with you on the Europeans.

Unfortunately, some of the intellectuals (at least those who think they are intellectuals) just have to side with the radical liberals. I believe they do that simply to demonstrate their separation from logic and reality. Please don't let them bother you.

Some day, perhaps soon if he is elected, the majority of our nation's voters will
get a significant awakening. They will then realize how they have been taken by such
an eloquent empty suit. If you really listen to him there is simply no logic to his diatribe. He comes down on both sides of most issues....satisfying all the morons....smiling as he does it...and the intellectuals are captured by his brilliance....right. I'm just glad I'm not an intellectual and have "broken his code."

Unfortunately, he decided to speak with Joe the plumber. Joe ask a legitimate question
and Obama gave him a peak inside his mission.....SPREAD THE WEALTH AROUND.
So, when the smoke clears everybody who makes more than 40-50K will see a significant
tax increase so he can give more to the non-taxpayers of this country. That will sure cure our economic problem. If it doesn't raising taxes sure will.....right.

He is a full blown socialist who is pushing the Black liberation philosophy that he has been his theme for the past twenty years. His trillion dollar spending plan is simply going to be added to the out of control subsistence programs we already have. I believe he will take us on a path that will take decades to recover. I'm glad I will not be here that long to see it all.

Thanks for what you do Bill. Lets hope that we can at least slow the socialist progression by getting McCain elected as a stopgap measure until the voters of this nation WAKE UP.

Best regards,



You're sooo right! Obama is a bad dude and he must be defrocked in the next two weeks. I think he may have already shot himself in the foot. Let's hope it sticks.


"Mr. Lear, I just received your view on Muslim Obama, and frankly sir I would like to know what we can do about it? I see this as more than just a small problem. I truly believe that this is an attempt by our enemy, the radical or non-radical Muslim as they are both the same, (hence one would hide the other) to over throw this great nation from the inside. After all, it is truly the only way I believe they would have a chance to defeat this great nation. No-one believed what happened on 9-11 could ever happen but it did. And it is hard to believe that this Muslim has gotten as far as he has, but look at the polls. This great nation is in serious trouble Mr. Lear and I, Edward Mitchell Jones believe this with all my heart. Please Mr. Lear, use every resource you have and all I could possibly help you with to avert this National tragedy. Sincerely Edward"
Dear Bob, if I may -

About the most condolence I can give you is that I don't believe in polls and this time I believe they're in the tank for Obama and have misjudged the REAL American people who are beginning to see Obama's socialism for what it is. Joe, the plumber, has really put a crimp in Obama's style - and the American people LIKE Joe. The leftist media, also in the tank for Obama, really ripped it when they went after poor Joe.

I'm working 18-20 hrs/day to defeat the miscreant Muslim. I'm beginning to feel that we have a real chance of defeating the monster.


"Dear Mr. Lear,

I could not agree with more. I am in East Africa and all the locals want is OBAMA because he has roots here. I get into politcal discussions with these nitwits and they do not see the point.
The lesser of 2 evils would be McCain. I do not like either but if i had my druthers it is McCain .

Thanks for the piece and God bless America and yours.



Djibouti, East Africa"

I can't thank you enough for your kind words and your comments! Many thanks.


"Subject: THANK YOU

Dear Sir,

I'm 78 and have helped a couple of politicians. I couldn't agree with you more. Very few of them are honest.
In my own state [Maryland] they passed a bill to put whether we should have slots or not on referendum. As you know, the devil is in the details. They're not telling, and the general public does not know what I have been trying to have published. Our politicians don't want the public to know the truth.

When Bob Ehrlich was a delegate in Annapolis, he got to know me as a gaming supporter and gaming expert. He put me on his Rolex as an advisor on gaming. He even recommended to the then Governor, William Shaffer,that he make me gaming commissioner.

Later, when Ehrlich became governor, continuing his practice of asking my opinion on gaming issues, he send me a copy his administration's proposal for slots. After carefully studying the proposal, I told him it was not a good bill and was bad for the tax payers. Of course, he didn't like that, and nothing more was done.

Our current governor, Martin O'Malley, proposed a similar bill (even worse than Ehrlich's). Although he couldn't get it to pass, he did get enough votes to put it on the referendum. It wasn't until 2 AM, the last day of the special session, that the got the final two votes they needed for it to go to referendum. The last 3 votes that they got a 2AM were Delegates Wade Koch, Jon Cardin and minority leader Busch.

A word on these 3 who had to have been paid off. Koch, who is my Delegate, put a bill in for me the year before, stating that if we have slots this is how it should be done, etc. Jon Cardin came up to me after I testified for that bill and said he put a bill like that the year before. Speaker Busch, it is said, that his father had a gaming problem and would never vote for gaming. Therefore, I say, I think they must have been bought.

Now, my bill: They are telling the public the machines will bring $1.6 billion a year. 90% of that would have to come from Marylanders, because Maryland is surrounded by states that have slots. Using an economic multiplier of 5, the $1.6 Billion becomes $8 Billion. That's $8 Billion a year that will not be going into the cash registers of small businesses. That in itself is very bad. The figure of which I'm not sure .125 is what I figure each tax payer pays into the state coffers on various state taxes, such as income, sales, etc. .125 equals 1/8. 1/8 of $8 Billion dollars equals $1 Billion dollars that the state won't collect each and every year. Administration says they are going to make $600 million dollars a year. I say they are going to lose $400 million dollars a year.

If all the taxpayers in the state of Maryland knew these facts, I'm sure they would vote "no" on this bill.

The newspapers, television stations, etc. don't want to hear it.

Can you help?

My Dear LeRoy,

How I wish I could do something to help you. I'm working 18-20 hrs/day trying my damndest to defeat that charlatan Obama and at age 80 am growing awfully weary.

Regrettably, our nation has become one of avarice and self-indulgence and, I'm afraid, is in its last death throes if the American people don't awaken SOON and throw the whole D.C. bunch out into the street. But, no. So far the people keep sending the same idiots back to Congress again and again.

My heart is with you because you're a real apple-pie American. All best ....


"I hope other great Americans as you come out and tell it like it is!

TWA Retired Director of Flight Operations Training"
Thanks, Don. Appreciate your comments.


"God Bless! Thank You! We need more patriots like you. MORE !!!!!!!"
Your comments are gratefully appreciated! Many thankjs.
"All I can say is "WOW" I don't think anyone could have said it better. One must certainly respect your wealth of knowledge and I will be passing this (letter below) along to everyone I know in hopes this gets out before the election and makes people really think!

Thank You

Thanks, Val. Sure appreciate your comments.


"Mr Lear:

I thought you’d be interested to know that your eloquent plea for reevaluation this election season is making the rounds. I counted some 50+ people here that have now been exposed to your thinking. Sure this is only a small part of this viral exchange. You hit a note in our culture that has yet to be exposed – don’t let desperation and disappointment with W push you to naiveté. This message needs to get out. Thank you for your dedication to this country and passion to make it a better place.

Thanks for your words of encouragement, Jeff. Sure appreciate it.

Thanks for the great job with so much insight with factual backup. Your comments are spreading rapidly throughout the Internet. I hope there is enough time.

You're a special guy, Don, and your words mean a great deal to me! Many thanks.
"Mr. Lear, I received this message in my email, ostensibly from you. I agree with every word. My problem is that I am over 75 and without extra finances. If I had the money I would have huge signs all over the US asking "DO WE REALLY WANT A PRESIDENT NAMED HUSSEIN?" or some such. Even McCain, who is our only option, refuses to believe there is a Moslem connection.

I lived in the Middle East in the sixties (Iran) and know that in Islam you may lie if it promotes the cause. And haven't they promised to take us from the inside? What has happened to the US? I appreciate your message, and please - get it out everywhere! and fast! We little people need a champion!

Thank you,

Thanks, Pat. Loved your comments. Am working 18-20 hrs/day to get the msg out. All best -
"Dear Mr. Lear,
I was impressed with your writing, and and forwarding it to friends who have had difficulty in making up their minds as to whom to vote for.
One particular friend in CA is so inspirited, if you can call it that, with Obama, that she refuses to think any of the facts are "true".
Everything is a lie pertaining to Obama.
Sarah Palin is a dangerous woman; McCain is a war-monger, etc., ad-infinitum, ad nauseum.
Unfortunately, we are unable to change the minds of such people.
Thank you for all the good you have done as a man in the service of our country, and for having used the God-given gift of invention (your Lear Jet).
God Bless You and Our Country,
Mrs. Granger"
Many thanks for your msg. And God Bless You.

BTW, my father was the progenitor of the Learjet Company and I worked with him during the development of the aircraft itself. All best wishes.






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