Saturday, October 18, 2008


"Thank you for telling it like you see it...and you have certainly earned the credentials to speak to the subject.I,too,have heartfelt concerns for the future of our great Nation if this socialist is elected.

He is the only presidential hopeful (R or D),in my lifetime, that"nowhere in his past" can be found,a shread of evidence (or indication) of his love and/or respect of the USA. Who would think that such a fundamental attribute of "deep love for our Country" cannot be automatically evidenced..and yet still be in the running .....he is nothing more than a slick politician who maneuvered his way up through a (now)corrupt political party and supportive corrupt organizations..including the Press of this Country.......and I have studied enough history to see some frightening similarities in the groundwork laid by Hitler.This guy is just as scary to me.But we fight to the end and pray for the best!"

Dear Mr. O'_____,

Their are Knights and there are Knaves and you, Sir, are a Knight! Many thanks for your thoughts.

Bill Lear

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