Saturday, October 18, 2008

People Don't Believe I Am For Real

"Subject: Thank you
Dear Mr. Lear,
While a tiny part of me wonders if indeed you are really who you say you are...your message was a great one and both my husband and I agree. We are facing an uphill battle these last days but whenever something this passionate comes in our email, we do our best to make sure family and friends see it. We'll try anything to stop the Obama ticket from winning.
Thank you for taking the time to compose your thoughts. Thank you too for your service to our country. It wasn't an easy life all of the time, living so far away, but wherever you are now, I hope you are enjoying your Golden Years.
We are retired and live in the beautiful Northwest, however as you must know is definitely a BLUE state. While we agree McCain hasn't run the best campaign, we too will support him and pray that in the end.. Americans come to their senses. We do not want Pelosi, Reid and Obama running our nation!!
Thank you !!
Frieda "

Dear Alexanders,

How can I prove to you that I am, indeed who I say I am? I'm distressed that I've lived so long and done so many things and STILL no one seems to know ME. They know my late father, but golly, haven't I stood in his shadow long enough?

You can Google me and you'll find me when you come to: Book, "FLY FAST...SIN BOLDLY" William P. Lear, Jr. You'll also find my father sometimes erroneously listed as "William P. Lear, Jr".
Will that do it?

Many thanks for your comments, though! Gratefully appreciated. All best.


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