Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm now a Fear Monger.

"Sent: Friday, October 17, 2008 4:55 PM
Subject: Fear Mongering

You are so full of it, its not even funny. People like you chose GWB the last two times and claimed he was the smartest in the bunch. Now that he has screwed up so bad, you want to blame congress. Listen, the first rule of leadership is to accept responsibility. “The buck stops here”. For now and this time, it’s going to have to be Obama. Quit the Muslim BS. At least they are true to their religion and not a bunch of hypocrites. If they hate you, they let you know it. Now stay away from their country and they may leave you alone. Don’t kicked my door down accusing me of something and then can’t prove it. The bitter GOP need to get their act together and start serving this country and not lip service.
Oh quit bringing up McCain’s service in another ill conceived war.


Yeah - The Muslims are true to their religion alright. The radical Muslims want to KILL all infidels (US!). Where in the hell are you coming from?

And howinhell do you know how I voted in the last election?

If you're so friggin stupid that you don't realize that this whole financial mess we now have was started by the peanut farmer, Carter, and propelled to prominence by Clinton and our dumbass Congress, then you best just lie down next to Rip Van Winkle and finish out your tour.

Did I bring up McCain and his service record? Maybe I did. So what. At least he courageously served his country and suffered excruciating pain just to save cretins like you. I'm insulted and mad as hell by your inference that John McCain, an American hero, had anything to do with what YOU deem to be an "ill conceived war" and that he is somewhat responsible for that. Just whatinhell has that turkey Obama done for his (and there's some doubt there)country besides voting "Present" over 90 times. If I didn't know better I'd swear you were writing me from a mental institution.

Wake up and smell the roses, get real and GET A FRIGGIN LIFE for chrissakes.


P.S. It's pointless to continue this debate with you. My Momma told me a long time ago, "Billy, don't ever argue with an idiot because you both lose. The idiot will NEVER see your point of view because he's incapable and you'll lose by wasting your time".

Joe Biden? Let's not confuse leadership with having your snout in the public trough for 37 years.


You have the temerity to speak to me about "intelligent" discussions?

Tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna let you join my $50K club. If you're so certain that the Messiah is gonna be elected, I'll bet you $50K that he loses his Muslim/Socialist ass. When you provide proof of funds, and I do the same, and we agree upon who will administer these funds and under what conditions, then we can see who's got the most confidence in this election outcome. I think you've grossly under estimated the intelligence of the real American people.

I've already got three other saps to join my club and have $165K in escrow. Three at 50K and three at 5K. Wanna join? 5K special minimum for you.

Let's settle this dispute once and for all.

Talk is cheap. Where do YOU stand? I'll be standing down at the Happy Trails Bank waiting for disbursement of your funds and acting nuttier than hell when McCain gets sworn in. Hell, I might even forgive the wager funds from the other infidels.


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