Sunday, October 19, 2008

Verify and Support

"Are you the Lear of Lear Jet fame as represented in the email? I don't recall a Lear living in Central Florida. Someone is sending this out with your name associated with it. If you are saying this, then I will tell you that I am firmly in the same boat as you are in. However, I am a registered Republican. I can't stand the possibility of this country being led by Obama bin Barrack. I too am a veteran and patriot."

Yep. That's really me. Have lived here near Daytona Beach for about 8 years now.
Unfortunately, someone added a header to my original message leading one to a website which describes my FATHER - not me. My father died on May 14, 1978 - about 30 years ago. I suppose that's where the confusion arose. I hope this clarifies the issue! AND, many thanks for checking the veracity of me, my plea for sanity and your support in getting the empty suit "Messiah" defrocked. All best wishes -

Bill Lear, Jr.

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