Friday, October 17, 2008


"Subject: What?

What is wrong you don't want to pay tax (as if you and the rest your rich friends ever have!), You really think we don't know how you people write off everything, your trips, family trips all the way to your gas for your luxury cars and plains? think Palin (heart bit away from presidency) is experience just because she can she Russia form her home? check in to her and her husband support to AIP then tell me if you really think they are better than a intelligent man who cares about us and the country more than your kind. go fly a jet Mr. Lear....and NO thanks we are not going to buy your book. We have no jobs or money thanks to your friends in white house. "

Mina (mr/ms/mrs?)

BL: OK. Boy, are you naive. I've paid enough taxes in my lifetime to support 50 families in luxury. Where do you come up with that crap? Do you realize that about 45% of the population pay NO taxes at all and that about 90% of taxes collected come from the top 5%?

If you're FOR wealth redistribution and higher taxes, then vote your hearts and pocketbooks away by voting for your Messiah who's gonna screw you like you cannot believe.

Where in hell do you think the money comes from to start, hire and support new business? From the 45% who don't pay taxes? I've been paying for all you freeloaders for 50 years and I'm growing weary of it.

If you want a luxury car or your own jet then get off your dead fat asses and WORK for them - like we did. We came from poor stock and only through our diligence and determination were we able to afford these so-called "luxuries". For your information we have one family car - a 2005 Nissan and NO airplanes AND we pay taxes through the nose for dividends we receive on our investments which have ALREADY been taxed once at the source. But, I guess, this is ok with you.

Regarding Sarah. She has far more governing experience that Biden ever dreamed or hoped for. He's a D.C. dude who's done nothing other than sit on committees while burying his snout in the public trough for the past 37 years. He's a joke. Besides, your comments about Palin sound sexist to me.

I have no friends in the White House, you ignorant oaf. I think GW is a clown, but that has nothing to do with the fallacious claim you dimwitted Demoncats make about McCain who also shares my disdain for GW.

And, finally, I'm very elated that you're not going to buy my book for two reasons:

1. It's our policy to sell only to literate people.

2. Who would you get to read it to you?

In short, whoever you are, when Obama loses by a landslide, I'll go rent a Learjet and you can go fly a kite. I'm dead tired of you sniveling wannabes complaining about success while sitting on your dead asses waiting for a government hand-out.

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