Monday, October 20, 2008

Manufactured Character?

"Subject: Is this for real?

Dear Mr. Lear,
If you are indeed who you say that you are, WHY are you not shouting this from the proverbial rooftops of the major news programs? No, wait. I know the answer to that. The major stations do not want to hear what you are saying.

Although not as well traveled, or mature (Hey! I'm "only" 58!) as you, I share your opinion about Obama. I have a sick feeling that our nation is being "had" by the Democratic party. Senator Obama the candidate is a manufactured personality, compliments of David Axlerod.

I became curious after reading from Obama's first book about where he got the money to attend Harvard, AND the money to make a round the world trip after two years at Occidental College. Do you know? I know what most investigators have turned up, that there is a tie with Black Panthers, Muslims, and an Arab prince. What do you know about that?

Yours was a VERY thought-provoking email.


Thanks, Alana -

I am shouting as loudly as I can - working 18-20 per day trying to simply confirm the message you read is real and what I wrote.

We have submitted my missive to various news agencies, but so far to no avail. It's bound to happen though as I receive about 300 emails daily and my phone rings incessantly - sometimes at 3:00 a.m.

Thank you for being a concerned citizen and for your support.

Bill Lear, Jr.

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