Monday, October 20, 2008

An Astonishingly High Opinion

"Mr. Lear,

You have an astonishingly high opinion of yourself. Seventy percent of your screed was touting your own accomplishments. Unfortunately, you also have an astonishingly limited lack of knowledge of the world as it is.

By your total embrace of ultra-right ideology, you've poisoned your own ability to think critically. "

Dear Mr.. (Ms?) Warrick,

I don't apologize for attempting to qualify myself before commenting on such serious matters.

May I ask what your own military contribution to our country has been?

Have you ever lived - or even BEEN - outside of the country?

Please astonish me with your own worldly accomplishments. I'd certainly like to know what qualifies YOU to make these kinds of judgments.

I've presented my views based on lifelong experiences. I doubt that you, based on the idiocy of your extreme far-left leanings which will eventually destroy our great county, have ever had ANY and I feel dreadfully sorry for you and those of your ilk.

Please don't bother to reply. I'm 80 years-old and easily provoked to puke when I read the "screed" that you socialists spew.

Bill Lear

"Subject: Re: Obama Candidacy

Actually, I spent twelve years in the Pentagon, first in USAF Intelligence on the Air Staff, and then later, a lengthy tour as an Air Force JAG. I also carried a rifle in the mountains of Korea for thirteen of the coldest months of my life. I have a couple of minor ribbons. Does that count?

I've lived outside of the U.S. on three different occasions, once for post-doctoral study in international law at McGill and University College, London, after I finished at Georgetown Law. I have visited 24 foreign countries, including all of the European state on a number of occasions, and all of the Baltic states, Russia, Turkey, Greece, and many of the Southeast African and East Asian nations. Does that count?

I worked with DIA for some years, and spent the latter part of my legal career serving as Assistant General Counsel of Cessna Aircraft. Does that count?

I voted for Barry Goldwater in the very first election for which I was eligible to vote, and was proud of it. I'm hardly a "far-left leaning socialist (!!!)", but until 2002, a registered Republican who became sickened by the Bush Republican party.

"Trust me on this," you say. Why should I trust you? Are you smarter than me? Better educated than me? More patriotic than me? I doubt it.
I think you've let your hatred consume you.

R. Warrick
Well, now that you ask, yes, I think I AM smarter than you. Anyone voting for Obama has nothing lurking in that round thing on top of their necks. I knew Barry Goldwater well and he was an outstanding patriot. He must be turning in his grave as the turkeys of this country try to take over.

Actually you've let your hatred consume YOU. In your eagerness to elect anyone but a Republican, your hatred for Bush and your misguided belief that he's somewhat responsible for our current mess, you and the other uninformed would elect Rosie O'Donnell without caring a whit about what happens to our country.

What really baffles me, though, is how you could have accumulated such a vast education and experience and still not have the faintest clue of what's happening to our country.

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