Friday, October 17, 2008

Remember the Idiot with the Hotmail Address?

To fully benefit from his genius, scroll down to the post entitled Hotmail addresses.

"Gotcha, Bill, and I don't believe anything remotely similar to your beliefs, and thus, must agree to diagree. McCain is just off his rocker, a loose "non-diplomatic" cannon, if you will, mascarading as a patriot who has stooped to coarse new lows of personal attack for his selfish/megalomaniacal gain. He's a war man, with a temper, and without good judgement.
And Obama's knowledge base, refuting your charlatan (def., "one who pretends
to more knowledge than he or she possesses") seems to have gotten him
into Harvard, Columbia, and Occidental (my Alma Mater), thus I would presume he's
no dumb-ass. Palin, however, clearly is a dumb-ass, as is McCain becoming with age. McCain barely graduated from the Naval Academy, almost last in his class, and simply cannot be trusted to make rapid, accurate decisions of national importance.

As for the "socialist" claim, and your insinuation that more government
regulation is on it's way, it very well might be: I'm fine with a "redistribution
of wealth," as you term it--it's really just a new tax code, one that has always
had "redistribution" innately embedded within itself. The Socialist
claims are false, but even so, we have far outspent our means, and if
we have to make good on our debts involuntarily, so be it. And lastly,
we are behaving more Socialistically currently (e.g., trillions in bailout dollars,
rescuing certain companies from demise, and not others, etc.) than ever
in our nation's history; and last I checked, we had a Republican Administration, a party I presume
you generally support, despite your claim of being an Independent; I, on the other hand, vote the person, not the party, though in San Francisco am
registered Democratic.

The votes will tell the story, and let us all hope that the future holds more in favor
of happiness and prosperity for our country than the past.



PS BTW, my ethnicity is not African American (I'm German, English, and Irish), despite what your likely narrow-minded judgements,
and my first name, might incline you to think. But with sophomoric phrases like "anal orifice," I venture to contemplate whether your mind thinks much in the realm
of anything noble, graceful, or beyond the matter of which emanates from said orifice, for that matter. Your stubbornly bitter class of thinkers will pass,
and I hope you have had a fulfilling, and productive life; but change is here, it is needed, and
it will be Obama & Biden who will bring it."

How do you respond to that? This is my best shot:


You're a congenital idiot like all the others with your ridiculous and slanderous points of view. Are you really from this planet? If so, where the hell is the rock you must have crawled from under?

And you speak to me of "nobility in thought" after what you wrote?

Since there's no possibility of reasoning with troglodytes of your ilk, I'm putting you at the top of my "Blocked Message" list.

Good luck with your vote(s?) which I've already canceled with mine. It's the American way!

P.S. What the hell has your name, "L____", got to do with anything? I NEVER made any reference to this?? Is this another sign of your paranoiac hostility common to most Demoncats?

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