Saturday, November 1, 2008


"Subject: Re: Straight talk for Republicans and Democrats.
Importance: High

So, I guess according to your screwed up analysis, McCain is good for this country. This is the guy who had a military history of crashing 7 planes and killing more than hundred of US marines. The guy who was imprisoned by the enemies and had to give state and military secrets to stay alive. The guy who hid the fact that there were many other abandoned Vietnam prisoners of war who were not rescued because he did not want to open the files and expose himself. The guy who was one of the Keating Five in the famous scandal of corruption in the Congress. The guy who chose Sara Palin who, among many other disqualifying characteristics, is a fanatic fundamentalist seeking help from a preacher to drive the bad spirits and witches away. That preacher is, by the way, is a Kenyan terrorist. McCain is a guy who wants to privatize social security to benefit his cronies, and screw up the pensioners, and the taxpayers. A guy who has 7 houses and 13 cars and doesn't have a clue about economics. If this is your choice, smarty pants, then the difference between him and Obama is a very clear choice to me. Obama did not vote for an illegal war which is still costing the country in the vicinity of 15 billion a month. He had the judgment to know that, along with very few Congress men and women, while GWB and McCain and their neo-cons were fueling the fire for war. Big difference Sir. Obama is a smart, intelligent and responsible candidate for presidency who cares about the basic American values, social justice and the constitution. Raise above your prejudice and racist ideas and think about the interest of the country for a change. The best thing you should advise the republicans, including McCain, is that they lost it. They lost it when they lost touch with reality. Reality lies in the interest of the grassroot majority of the American people. Their current principles are far away from the principles of the real republican party of such good presidents as Lincoln and Eisenhower. Take your lies and racist propaganda away and STOP sending these hate messages on the internet.
Dear Komrade Mona,

I really don't care if McCain crashed 30 airplanes. At least he CAN fly, he WAS and is a patriot, he served his country well, When the hell was the snake oil salesman, Obama, ever in the military or served "HIS" country in any way other than to organize communities to adopt socialism. I suppose you're one of the poor demented souls without education, knowledge or intelligence to be able to recognize a dude with known criminal, terrorist and socialist associations and you want HIM to be your President?

Sweet Jesus, please tell me that this is all a terrible nightmare you people are having after overdosing on those damned stupid pills.


"As a retired CWO4 who spent 35 years in the military I totally agree with your comments and I wish there were more people like you out there voicing their rage over Obama and the Democratic Congress.

Thanks, Bill. Appreciate your comments and your service to our country!


"I enjoyed your letter and am of the same belief that Obama is an empty suit.

Kind Regards, William T Lear"

Calling Obama an empty suit would be a disservice to a coat hanger!

"God Bless America. Help All of us. The E mail is Truthful. Thank You for your Words of Wisdom. God Bless"

Democrat or republican

"Subject: Re Democrat or Republican

Dear Mr. Lear,

This is be far the most coherent and poignant e-mail I have received re the election, and believe me, I have received many and sent many. I totally agree with every point you make and so does my husband who is now semi-retired but continues to oversee his company in Chicago which is now run by our two sons. My husband is an entrepreneur, like yourself. He worked hard, took many risks, used his God-given talents and became very successful. We fear for the future of our children and grandchildren. Let's hope and pray that McCain suprises us all and wins on Tuesday. My husband believes he will. He can't believe the majority of Americans can accept the philosophy of this fraud Obama. I hope he's right.

By the way, we are so impressed with your background. We had no idea of your credentials. We were only familiar with your name in connection to your aircraft. Before I was married, I worked on Wall Street for Carl Walston, the son of Vernon Walston who was the president of Walston & Co., Inc. He flew his own corporate plane and I travelled with him on business on one of them. Perhaps you know of him. My husband, Ed, and our sons have explored the possibility of purchasing a corporate jet. I'm kind of a nervous flyer even though I'm always on and off of commercial jets, so I'm always discouraging them from getting their own plane. We shall see.

We wish you the best of everything, no matter how things turn out. YOU are a true American.

"Dear Dorothy Carlton.

Thanks you so very much for your kind and generous email! Gratefully appreciated ...

I'm including below your message the only authorized version of my essay. Somewhere along the line it got changed. Not the "meat", but some details - perhaps to embarrass me or detract from my essay..