Saturday, November 1, 2008

Democrat or republican

"Subject: Re Democrat or Republican

Dear Mr. Lear,

This is be far the most coherent and poignant e-mail I have received re the election, and believe me, I have received many and sent many. I totally agree with every point you make and so does my husband who is now semi-retired but continues to oversee his company in Chicago which is now run by our two sons. My husband is an entrepreneur, like yourself. He worked hard, took many risks, used his God-given talents and became very successful. We fear for the future of our children and grandchildren. Let's hope and pray that McCain suprises us all and wins on Tuesday. My husband believes he will. He can't believe the majority of Americans can accept the philosophy of this fraud Obama. I hope he's right.

By the way, we are so impressed with your background. We had no idea of your credentials. We were only familiar with your name in connection to your aircraft. Before I was married, I worked on Wall Street for Carl Walston, the son of Vernon Walston who was the president of Walston & Co., Inc. He flew his own corporate plane and I travelled with him on business on one of them. Perhaps you know of him. My husband, Ed, and our sons have explored the possibility of purchasing a corporate jet. I'm kind of a nervous flyer even though I'm always on and off of commercial jets, so I'm always discouraging them from getting their own plane. We shall see.

We wish you the best of everything, no matter how things turn out. YOU are a true American.

"Dear Dorothy Carlton.

Thanks you so very much for your kind and generous email! Gratefully appreciated ...

I'm including below your message the only authorized version of my essay. Somewhere along the line it got changed. Not the "meat", but some details - perhaps to embarrass me or detract from my essay..

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