Saturday, October 18, 2008

Breathe deeply

"Subject: A hate letter to the Citizens of the United States of America - from Bill Lear - who says that the D Candidate for the President of the USA is a Muslim and implies that Barack has a hot line to "his brothers" in the CAVES of Afghanistan and Pakistan

Some Humble Prime Time Slime ...

re: Some serious religious-race-hate-bait bullshit comments by a well respected "nice old guy" - Bill Lear (Lear jet)

At least Beyond the Palin a.k.a. "The Dragon Lady" - had the guts to call you know who - a terrorists... for knowing Ayers...

Response - someone should tell him to go back on Oxygen?

No Bill is not Hitler or a Nazi - they too loved their country - even more than he loves America...

Here the quote - the message from Bill Lear - he wants you and all voters to hear and to follow his advice:

Subject: Straight talk for Republicans and Democrats.

Most Americans are aware of Bill Lear, because of his Lear Jet business; however, he has accomplished much more, as you can see at this link:
William P. Lear -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia . His opinions are worth a read:"

You know, Bob, I don't really give a good gawddamned what you and others of your ilk think about me, but I must give it to you Demoncats because you're so adept at twisting words.

Barry was enrolled in a Muslim school in Indonesia where he indicated that he was a Muslim. That doesn't make him a terrorist - just a liar.

The oxygen idea is not a bad one. It's a lot better than the laughing gas you've been inhaling. You oughta try it. It might revive whatever is rattling about in that round thing on the top of your neck.

The "Dragon Lady"! HEY! I like that. I guess it must scare the hell out of you sexists to discover a lady with balls!

But, thanks anyway for forwarding my "Plea" to others.


P.S. It probably doesn't mean anything to you and the others in their euphoric states of denial, but of the approximate 100 messages I've received, just five of you have displayed a total lack of comprehension. I guess the rest of the world is simply out of step.

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