Friday, October 17, 2008

Veterans speak

"Subject: From TPA Lisa/vet w/thanks

Hello Mr. Lear,

What a delight to speak with you for the last few minutes. Thank you for your time.

Your circulated email piece has brought a new clarity for me re the election. My heart can rest and my mind is settled.

My patriotic heart has been pained for the last few months. Regardless of daily politics I have worn my US flag pin daily, although some days I hung my head in great confusion.

Never did I think a US election would be dragged through the mud as this one has. Actually, I do not mind the mud -- a strong fight is inspirational and it keeps the blood going. It is the split-pea mire of a mess in which we have found ourselves that has been so disappointing, so enraging. Whatever happened to "fighting the good fight"? If we can just get through this with JM finishing for us, I believe the nation will be better for it. For awhile there I did not know if I could hang on, but now after having read your piece I know I/we can. ... And I will continue to wear my flag pin with great pride, regardless of who "wins."

My husband and I are both USAF veterans during Vietnam. I was in the USAF in order to get the GI bill, which paid off many times over. He retired from the USAFR, and I did a 2-year stint after my first enlistment.

Larry graduated from the USAFA (1969), and there is not a day that passes that we are not both grateful for all our blessings stemming from that, another gift from being an American.

This year my husband retired from both the USAFR and American Airlines. I am doing volunteer work globally moving medically fragile children for gratis medical care.

It is a good thing we do not work, because this election is requiring a lot of research. Carry on!

All the best,


Hi again, Lisa!

The delight in speaking with you was mine! Thank you for being such a great American and at least hearing me out. I, too, want the best we can get for our country and spend at least 20 hrs/day trying to salvage what we've got left after the Demoncatic ransacking.

All best to you and LArry,


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