Friday, October 17, 2008

The difference between and elephant and a what?

"Muslim is a religon not a race. Hitler defined races as pecentages. We in America define a persons color as a race, be it black, white or brown and yellow. If a person is very dark skinned in most place he will be considered black. Face the truth, people are terrified that a black man will be president of the USA. It was ok to have an ex falling down drunken dummy. But heavens forbid we have a highly intelligent black man as president. That is nutty. MH"

BL: Who said it was a race? I sure didn't.

And you're wrong about Americans being terrified about having a black president. I'd vote for Colin Powell in a New York minute, but he's smart enough to reject the idea - especially if he'd have to put up with uneducated people like you who can't distinguish the difference between an elephant and a jackass.

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