Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is the Media to blame?

"Subject: Well Said

Ref your "Straight Talk for Republicans and Democrats."

Part or most of the problem is they (Democrats) are close minded and won't read about the truth. I could care less if Obama is white or black..... it is the full picture of him that has me scared.

Why is it that the Media is mostly controlled by Democrats? Anytime something good about McCain appears, it is trivialized and ALL the political news is always biased towards Obama. It is very depressing to see my country gong down the drain."


I couldn't agree more!

If you wanna read a good satire on pols, read my new book, "BERNIE'S WAR!", Now availabe through if you're interested. My hero, Bernie, really knows how to clean house and deal with the media.Thanks again for your support. We've got to get this alien interloper on the run. All best.


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