Sunday, October 19, 2008

Get rid of all the Crooks

"Subject: your letter

Dear Mr. Lear,

Thank you for your letter, which I just finished reading. I feel the same as you, although I am not as well-traveled or experienced as you. I am a regular citizen and feel that Obama will totally lead our country down the wrong path--of course, it has been going down the wrong path for a while. You are right about getting rid of the crooks in Congress--also the lobbyists and all the other people who decide how to spend OUR hard-earned money, which there is a lot less of within the last few months!!

I hope that your letter reaches many people over the internet. Thank you again.


Dear Ms. Cunico,

Thank you for your message. I fully agree with everything you said and hope we can restore some sanity to this government business!

Keep the faith and we shall prevail !!

Bill Lear

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