Monday, October 20, 2008

They're about 20:1 in agreement

"I, like many others, have gone back and forth on trying to decide who to vote for in this election. I was set to vote for McCain and read about his ideas on taxing us on our insurance benefits. I am in my 60's but still working full time(thanks in part to the stock market) and this is scary for me. Like most "baby boomers" I had hopes of retiring early and enjoying life to the fullest extent possible. Your email, sent to me by a dear friend, has solidified my for McCain and I have forwarded it to everyone I know with a plea to read carefully. Thanks so much for that email and may God help us all!"
Thank you so much for your message! I spend 18-20 hrs/day replying to those who either swear by mr or swear AT me!

Thank you so much for your support, gratefully appreciated!

" Does "ALL" include you ,Me, McCain and everyone else except Obama? And are you saying that McCain would? Because if that is the 10% that McCain doesn't agree with Bush on then McCain has my vote; but if not then I have problem with the mcCain 90% approval rate with bush because bush did nothing to protect me from having my American company taken over by illegals. And all I can do is hope that someone that doesn't agree with Bush 90% will do better because of what Bush let Congress do to me personally that killed my American dream and sent me looking for a career change in my late 30's while Bush bragged about how him and his friends saved money on construction cost by hiring illegals and giving them my job. That would make any USA citizen angry."
Our Congress is. And a change there would be welcomed by all. You ain't gonna get it done with Obama. You gotta fire the whole damnable crooked Congress.
"Did you really author this article? I suspect you didn't.
Indeed I did, but someone along the line added the header which sends the reader to a website referring to my FATHER, who died 30 years ago. I wrote everything beginning with, "A Humble Plea ....."

Thanks for your enquiry and all best wishes, Bill.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me introduce you to our new chief Pilot.

He has never flown an airplane; in fact, he has ever even sat in the cockpit, but he says he has ridden on planes before.

He knows nothing about radar, or how to start/stop the engines, or anything about all these gadgets, but we are sure he will guide us safely through the storms we may encounter on this flight because he told us he could do it ... besides, he is a great speaker.

CONCLUSION: What are we thinking? Think long and hard before you vote.

If this doesn't worry you ... forget that I mentioned it."

Great questions!

"Mr. Lear,

I too am worried about Obama and feel that he is a huge threat to this great nation!

And you're right to be worried!

"You are so right,I hope everyone read what you have righten,you made my day I now know how to vote .
Thank You
Thank you for your kind words!!
"You reflect my sentiments exactly. If we do nothing and let this person be elected we as a country will be in deep kim chee."
Charles, US ARMY"
Many thanks, Charles. Sure appreciate your kind words.
That was very well put, I like many Hispanic-American truely believe that this Country should be run by someone whose been there. Mr. McCain does not pretend to be someone else to please the American people. Mr. McCain has served his country and contiunes to serve."
Dear Sir! And thank YOU for your insightful note!


"Good Morning Big Bill. Hope you had a nice weekend. You have fully redeemed yourself and are the newest member of the Big Willy book of good guys to know. I knew that after reading your first response. That makes you my newest best friend. . Welcome Aboard Shipmate....good to know you.
I read about your mid-air. Looks like you were really lucky to get out of that thing. I have a bad back too....but not as bad as yours. Sad you can't fly anymore. Sad I don't fly anymore but hey we're both on the right side of the dirt and not smelling too bad.
I would be honored to read your books. Thank you so much. Looking forward to receiving them. And speaking of the Bronx, I used to admire Colon Powell, he's from the south Bronx , but yesterday endorsed Obama. Why so late? What's his motivation? He lost a little in my eyes yesterday.
Anyway, have a great week Bill. Talk to you down the road.
"GOD BLESS YOU AND THE UNITED STATES. Now, let’s see how many more people I can forward this to.
What a love you are! Thank you!

"Suggest you adjust your ops plan based on updated intelligence."
Having served in the military myself, I really don't put much stock in what SOME of our military leaders have to say about politics. Especially those who support higher taxes and socialism. If I may, I think that turning tail in a battle for survival is not the American way for our great Republic. Electing a man we know nothing about is reprehensible and irresponsible.

Appreciate your words, though. Thank you.

"Thank you for your comments about Obama, my question is was he even born in the USA?"
Good question. It's in the Court. Let's see if it's a Demoncatic Court!
"I read your letter to voting Americans.
I disagree. Don't be afraid. Our world won't come to an end just because Obama will be president."
My mail, running 20:1 against Obama, tells me a different story. Folks are running SCARED!
Subject: I know........

"Dear Mr. Lear.

Thank you for your fine statement on the presidential situation. I too,
like you, am a veteran and spent a number of years as a clandestine officer
throughout Africa and Central America as well as the Middle East. I know
very well what you are talking about.

I just want to thank you for that statement of what the situation is as I
fear terribly for our country as the buffoons in Sodom on the Potomac race
to destroy our country.

Please have many more years and "Semper Fi!"


You're another GREAT American! Thanks for your msg and all best!

Semper Fi


"Subject: GWB

Mr. Lear -

I received a copy of your letter, "A plea to McCain and Obama Supporters". I believe, as you do, that Obama is not the guy, and although McCain was not my choice, he is clearly the best choice we have.
I was struck however, at the reference to George Bush. I certainly do not think that he has been a perfect President by any stretch, and I do not agree with him on a number of issues. But to call him a "clown" is totally unacceptable to me, and with all due respect, it should be to you, sir. George Bush is a patriot. He is an honest, God-fearing man, who has done his job for 7 1/2 years as best he could. And given the hand he was dealt (9-11 for openers, and many other major challenges), he should be remembered historically as one of our greatest Presidents.
You probably do not agree with that, but at the very least, sir, please do not refer to this man as a clown. By doing so, you demonstrate a disrespect for a man to whom we owe a great deal, and love him or hate him, I would challenge any objective, thinking person to logically refute that.
As I see it, you and GW have quite a bit in common, and I truly mean that as a compliment. Although I have never met either of you, I think both of you are courageous, self-sacrificing, intelligent ( Yes, intelligent. As I'm sure you know, this "dummy" as some folks like to quip about Bush, has a Harvard MBA. Last time I checked those did not come via open-book correspondence courses in one's spare time.), thoughtful, "Country-first" patriots, who care very little about any negative consequences of doing what each of you feel is the right thing. Both of you have served your Country to a much greater extent than probably 99.99% of Americans, and both of you deserve every American's respect and gratitude. Both of you certainly have mine.
Allow me to close with my sincere thanks to you for your service to this great Country. May God bless you, and may He guide our Country to elect John McCain to lead us through these difficult times.
If you have time, I would love to hear back from you.
Perhaps I was a tad too harsh on GW. After almost 8 years I had hoped that he'd learn to pronounce the word "to", but then Obama does the same thing. I know that GW is a patriot and I guess I was trying to assuage the Demoncat Dummies somewhat because of my own feelings about how GW comes on in public appearances. You must admit that's he's not the greatest orator in the world, but then again, look at the empty suit Obama who's just full of rhetoric, but is a master orator. Guess we can't have it both ways. Sorry if I've disturbed you. If I had to write it all over again I would probably use a kinder adjective. OK?

And I do so appreciate your kind words. I'm working 18-20 hrs/day trying to get the word out and it's beginning to wear this 80 year old bag of bones down to a frazzle! I'm a 30 year old trapped in this ancient body ...

All best - Bill

"Bill -

Thank you for your kind response. I feel MUCH better!! As a native Bostonian, I'm still trying to get over the trauma of my Red Sox losing last night to Tampa Bay. Your email made my day.
I find Bush's oratory skills interesting. Maybe it's because I have been living in Texas for the past 30-plus years, or maybe I just like listening to the guy (I do cringe a little when he says "neucular", but there's a certain down-homeness about it that makes me smile as well.), but I have found many of Bush's important speeches to be inspirational, with a clarity of message that makes his overall communicative effort very effective. Maybe I'm crazy,and I might prove it with my next statement. I do not consider Obama an excellent speaker. Good, maybe, but I'm just not impressed by his oratory. I realize that my view may have a lot to do with what he is saying, but his delivery just doesn't do it for me.
I think I have a little credibility on the issue, as I have been in sales and sales management most of my working life, so I guess you could say that I speak for a living (I guess "spoke" would be more accurate, as I reluctantly took early retirement after my job was eliminated about a year ago. I don't want to retire, nor do I intend to. Know of any jobs selling Lears, building materials, or ice to Eskimos?).
Anyway, take care of yourself. Be carefull about putting in too many 18-20 hour days. We need to keep great Americans like yourself around for as long as we can.



You're an inspiration, Bob! Many thanks.

"I agree wholeheartedly with your sending to everyone in my email box.
God bless you for "airing" this---I just hope people will wake up to what a fraud Obama really is! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Patti"
Patti - America is made great by people like YOU! Thanks for your message.

I totally agree. I also spent several tours overseas as a pilot and USAF staff member. I cannot understand why America just doesn't get it! They really don't have a clue about what is really important.
"What do you think about Colin Powell????? GR"
He's a big disappointment and has demeaned himself immeasurably.
"Finally, someone that talks straight. The sad fact is that the majority of Americans hate
George Bush so much that they'll vote for any democrat to replace him. Obama is an empty suit with no experience in anything that qualifies him to be president. He is a muslim that will surely come out if he is elected. If we want to split the nation, put Obama in the white house. Having fought in the Vietnam war myself, I have a lot of respect for John McCain but I'm dissappointed that he hasn't attacked this clown where he is most vulnerable, his strange association with Jerimiah Wright and his radical leanings.

Semper Fi
Kudos to a real American!! Many thanks for your msg of encouragement! Bill


"why don't you publish this article in the Wall Street Journal? Someone needs to start the ball rolling and certainly I don't have the $$ or the knowledge you do. If I did, I would. It is up to people like you to do something positive for this country. God knows the Dims with all their money are doing everything they can to get the "experiment" elected and doing everything negative they can for this country."

If I could afford it, I would. Contrary to popular belief, I am NOT rolling in money, alas.

"With your contacts, then maybe you can find someone who can. I'm not being flip - this is serious business. Fran"

Will try to do what I can. Thanks for your support!
"That is the first bit of sense I've read since this whole mess started.
I just can't believe the American people are falling for this man.
Thanks you for caring enough to write.


And thanks to a real Patriot!.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Lear:

Have you thought about taking out commmercial ad time, especially with networks that support biased journalism, to get the word out? I realize this is extremely costly, but it would really help get the word out to so many who might never get the e-mail. Everyone in my address book is someone who would not vote for Obama anyway because I don't surround myself with nitwits! Just an idea.