Thursday, October 16, 2008

My responses are about 10:1, this is a 1.

"McCain actually, IS a flake, in case you've had your head in the
sand during the past three Presidential debates--his last gaffe was calling
Freddie Mac, "Freddie Mae," a company that does not even exist.
It is proven that IQ decreases after age 60, and McCain is a perfect
example of this physiological phenomenon. McCain's choice of Palin
is another obvious example of the man having totally lost his marbles.

Thanks for your comments, but I will be voting Obama all the way
into the White House, whether you, and your supposedly "more patriotic"
brethren, believe otherwise.



and I replied:
Oh you dear, sweet, precious patriot, Lionel.

It's always such a joy to receive messages like yours because, when I'm not designing airplanes, as you claim, and as did my late father, I have a chance to catch-up on the fantasies people like you actually believe to be "reality".

But, like so many of the few dissenters who have responded to my "Plea", (You're running 10:1 in the minority) you miss the point entirely. We're not talking about issues or blunders like Obama saying during an interview, "You mean why McCain doesn't ask me about my Muslim religion - I mean my Christian religion?" We're talking about a charlatan and imposter.

However, if your wish is to vote for a socialist who believes in more government and wealth redistribution, it's your prerogative and I commend you for even voting. Differences in politics are common. You have your beliefs and I have mine. I happen to believe that Obama is a total anal orifice.

Good luck and always be careful of what you wish for. With fondest regards, I am,


Bill Lear

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