Friday, October 17, 2008

It keeps going


I thought your comments made allot of sense – I sent it on to many people, even the ones that say they are voting for O. which I am not.

Following is a response I received back – FYI

God Bless America!
Another crotchety 70+. He doesn’t like blacks and Muslims. I don’t like 70+year olds who didn’t fight against the discrimination and segregation which were the norm when Lear/McCain were a young men. I also don’t believe that most airmen (McCain) are heroes. They lived on during the war offshore on a huge aircraft carrier and from that safety flew missions over Hanoi (no air force) where they bombed basically civilian targets (dams, power stations) (23 missions for McCain) in support of a war started by another lie (Tonkin Gulf) and that this was the start of the fall of all the dominos countries. But the really cool thing is that Obama’s is going to win and then Lear can spent his nights thinking about how far the USA has come in just 70+ years in spite of him.

Please sent this on to those who might not like to think about a broader future.

BL:Please do me a favor, Kathy. Please tell this ignorant bastard that I said he's full of sh*t and should get himself a life.

Also pls tell him if so damned sure that Obama is going to win, would he like to join my $50K club. If he'll offer proof of funds, as will I, I'll bet him $50,000 that Obama will lose his Muslim "redistribute the wealth, socialist" ASS!

Thanks and all best wishes.


Hi Bill – Just LOVE it!!!!!!!

God Bless America!

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