Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hotmail is a dead give-a-way!

Some of my email is fun to read. Some makes me want to pull my hair out. Save removing the personal information, this is just as I received it.

"N let me guess, Mr. Mc Cain is the fix all!?? U say u are USAF veteran. So Tell me did GHWBUSH Serve in the Air guard or not? Surely you cant with a straight face say that in the event that Mc Cain is elected and dies in Office that that IDIOT from Alaska is ready to be commamnder in chief! REALLY! Have u ever been black? Obviously not! So Please leave that to us who are! I love the way you, 'My friend' as McCain would say Can tell A person what faith they are! Mr. Obama is no more a muslim than you are! By the way I served in the Corps with Muslims! So what is the problem that you seem to have with them!?? I suggest you go to Arlington Cemetery section 60, and you will find fallen US service personel, Dead AMERICANS Who were Muslims, Who gave the Last Full Measure of Devotion to this Nation! So please,'My Friend' Save it!"

and my reply:

Dear Mr.____,

Thank God this is America!! You have your point of view and I have mine and we vote accordingly.

You know NOTHING about Sarah Palin but are sure fast off the mark to criticize her. As to Palin taking over in the event of McCain's early departure, I'd prefer her over Sen. Glib Biden - unless you'd prefer the Socialist Pelosi.. Neither Obama or Biden have EVER held ANY position of governing anything.

The only problem I have with the Muslim world is that they are sworn to destroy the U.S. and were responsible for 9/11. Failing that, I guess you could say they're really just a bunch of nice guys. Your Muslim friends who so valiantly sacrificed their lives were obviously a world apart from the mainstream Islamic radicals.

And yes, dear Mr. ____, I shall indeed "save it" for the elections - as I'm sure you will. Thank you for your comments which I shall forever treasure.

Bill Lear

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