Friday, October 17, 2008

Teenage phone games

Well, it seems that the Libs, who can't handle the truth, are on a rampage over my "Plea" for sanity email.

The dissenters have developed a new tactic to harass me. They call my phone at all hours of the wee-morning and either hang-up or put a fax signal down the line!

Simple remedy. When I finally choose to collapse into the reverie of a Demoncat-free world, I simply take the phone off the hook. When I awaken, I restore my telephonic service by putting it back on the hook!

Doesn't disturb me at all, but it must keep a lot of frustrated troglodytes awake trying to get through. These hecklers are good at it. I looked up the word "heckler" in the thesaurus. It seems it's one who "baits" or who is a "baiter". As these folks are so good at it, would this then imply that they're "master-baiters"? It would seem an oxymoron, though, since most of them couldn't run a whorehouse by hand. They are, however, virtual shoo-ins as candidates for a Congressional seat.

This is also why I'm very pro same-sex marriage. In a trice there would be no new-born Demoncats to deal with in the future.

All love and ever thine -

Father Bill, who forgives those evil sumbitches as they walk through the valley of ultimate destruction and penultimate ignorance.

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