Thursday, October 30, 2008

This stuff would beat anybody down

This kind of stuff is why I had to take a break. It wears you down reading this stuff. I didn't say anything ugly about him! I'm sure his mother and 3rd grade teacher are both proud.

"If your 80, give it up shit head,you are not even thinking, let alone soper.

you must have been given all your financial resources to have ever built a jet.

You know, I can't quote any of my past as you let every one think you have, but, I have tried hard to raise 4 children and take care of a wife and at this point in my life (71) have no debt to any body. Now this is no comparison of your attempt to let everybody to think of your past as a hero, because real hero's don't sit and send their past as something other than a common person.

now your hero, mr. bush started office with a positive cash flow, we were not a war with anybody and now, you say, well, its the congress, wake up stupit, we are at war, extremely in debt and you try and blame the congress!!! well, maybe so, but was it their idea??

Why don't you go and fly al real jet!!!

Just to let you know, I think your full of it.

Now, I only have a few hours towards a masters degree, but I don't think that makes you any smarter the the common drunk that needs help getting thru life.

I'm obviously not a good speller, but I had to respond to your bull shit."


Marty Jennings said...

Keep up the great work here Mr. Lear! We need to make sure that every American who cares about their country is aware that everything changes under a Marxist Obama Administration. This senator is the epitome of slime and corruption and the power is with the people to say no to cronyism and YES to heroism. Senator John McCain has paid dearly for our freedom and is the best individual to lead this country to financial stability and Middle East victory. With 2 kids serving our great country, I do not want their efforts to be marred by the defeat that Obama will bring. People, make some noise!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Lear,

The world has passed you by. However, we thank you for reminding us that there are still fossils out there, who concern themselves with what fraction black people are. Be advised, your letter has been summarily dismissed as the rantings of an old man, who is struggling to cope with his own irrelevance in today's society.

On behalf of people with common sense, I am curious why you think anyone should trust your judgment in this matter? You supported George W. Bush in our last two presidential elections, yet you characterize the man as a clown. Given these facts, I can only conclude that you want clowns running our country or you are a horrible judge of character.

I am glad you lived a long and rich life, and thank you for your service. However, I encourage you to look up the definition of "humble" as you clearly have confused its meaning.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lear,

I often lament the loss of the American Ideal. Fortunately, a small network of family and friends regularly remind me of our good fortune to live at a time in human history when free men and women, extolling the ideas of all great western civilizations, make their presence known.

Toss off the ravages of the ignorant for they do not deserve your attention beyond common civility. Remember H. L. Mencken with his usual caustic criticism of the uneducable --

"The effort to educate the uneducable is hopeless. Schools for adults soon become kindergartens for adults. The pupils are quite unable to take in the education proper to their years. The gogues thus have to provide them with amusement, just as children of four are provided with amusement in kindergartens. The hope is that they will somehow learn to think as an accidental by-product of playing, but that hope is vain."

This then is our challenge for the future -- how to constrain several generations of indoctrinated, left leaning (and sometimes sprinting) imbeciles from destroying what remains of our nation while simultaneously preparing the new leaders we require. A tough job, but not entirely intractable -- that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Best of luck with the book and lets hope for the best outcome next Tuesday.

Bob Tippett, Captain, USAF (Retired)