Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ernestine takes me to task

"Dear Mr. Lear,
You do appear to be a racist. Eventhough you will never admit to yourself or anyone else.
You are the kind of divisive person that is holding this Country back from what it should be.
I am a Afriacan American woman who is 60 years old. I have lost a husband that spent 20 years serving this Country. I am proud of this Country, but there are some things that it has done that it should not and cannot take pride in.
Mr. Obama may not be your pick for president, but this doesn't give you the right to call him names and to say that he is not African American. His father was African and his mother I do believe was born in the state of Kansas, which makes him and American of African decent.
I have not traveled as entensive as you have. I have not seen the things that you have in the years that you've lived. Why not give Mr. Obama a chance since I have seen what 8 years of George W. has given this Country, that you call yours. Seeming that no one of African American decent has done anything worth stating.
This is just the statement of an un-educated African American woman in the Kansas City,
MO area.
Dear Earnestine,

I am NOT a racist. Before Colin Powell abandoned his senses, I would have voted for him in a heartbeat. I sincerely regret the loss of your husband and honor his memory in the service of our country.

Unfortunately, you have been mislead by the Demoncats into believing that our current financial mess was Bush's doing. It truly was not. It all began with Jimmy Carter, further propelled by Clinton and then finally erupted when the Dems took control of the Congress in 2006 when they failed to act aftrer being warned by McCain. It is THEY who are responsible and have the gall to try to blame it on the Republicans. Just one lie after another.

Obama wants a socialist government and a redistribution of wealth. In other words, he wants to punish the successful while rewarding the failures. That is NOT the American way.

Got to run now, Earnestine. Tis 1:00 a.m. and I'm beat.

"What else can you expect from the rich, who want to keep those who have not from having.
This is Earnestine again."
You are WAY off base. Our family has been poor as church mice. At one time, my mother had to stuff cardboard in her shoes to cover the holes in her soles because she couldn't afford to buy a new pair. We had Thanksgiving one year and my mother cried because she had spent the last of our money on a turkey and we all made do making soup out of the remnants for the rest of the month. Don't speak to me about poor cuz I've been there - done that.

It's bitching, complaining people like you who expect the successful in life to take care of you. You're just the right person to vote for Obama cuz he favors "spreading the wealth", a sicko Robin Hood communist socialist philosophy. No one's keeping you from "not having". Get an education, find a job and dedicate yourself to getting ahead and get off the backs of those you ridicule for THEIR successes.


jack said...

You seem so defensive when you are quick to attack people with differing views. Just because someone believes in fairness and opportunity doesn't mean they want a government hand-out. I'm not sure you can still relate to the current group of poor and struggling common people just because you grew up poor - that was a 100 years ago. And I have a question about your character - generally those with your ideology align themselves with the values of the fundamentalist Christian right. Do you consider yourself a Christian? In one of your irate cursing responses you did use the Lord's name in vain.

Anonymous said...

Jack, you are wrong. The attack was not initiated by Mr. Lear.

Besides, "Judge not lest ye shall be judged."