Tuesday, October 21, 2008


"i suppose you felt that way about clinton too. we are admitadly in the economic dumps now because times were so good because of him. now listen to the rest of the population that you are out of touch with. because of your bush mccain politics my family has lost our farm. i was lucky enough to get this shit ass job to live in a shitty trailer to feed my wonderful family. we are now homeless. tell a homeless man not to change things. you blame congress, but while they were trying to bail out a farmer/rancher (small business), that was wrong by you republicans, but the BIG business go down and you yell foul. yes i am going to vote for obama and hopefully you asshole will pay some taxes instead of always me."

I know how frustrated you must be - as are many Americans. No one person can be blamed for the shitty situation we find ourselves in. We are ALL victims of a ruthless and uncaring Congress who was warned and didn't take heed. It was NOT, however the fault of Bush or the Republicans. It all began with Jimmy Carter, further screwed-up by Clinton and finally collapsed under the 2006 elected Democratic Congress. And those, dear Sir, are the FACTS.

Our only salvation is to kick them ALL out of D.C.

Bill Lear, Jr.

"Save your opinions. I'm for a Balanced Budget. I'm a member of the CONCORD COALITION!
I have been since it was formed 20 years ago. We were winning in the nineties. Now, forget it.

Raising taxes somewhere to balance our budget, lower the deficit, reduce the national debt & strengthen Social Security & Medicare is going to happen. If not, then your children and grandchildren will inherit a Third World Country. The Republicans cannot continue to cut taxes for the wealthy & create giant deficits.

Can't go on forever. Somewhere along the way we all have to pay up.

Tax & Spend Liberals are a lot better than CUT TAXES & SPEND ANYWAY, REPUBLICANS.

Love the POOL TAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I hope you mean a "gene pool" tax ...

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grace said...

Amen Bill, it seems no one has noticed that the Democrats dominate "the hill." And if we aren't able to elect more Republicans, there will be no chance for us. GW is one man. It seems there are very few people in our country who have read and understand the Constitution.