Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2 weeks to go

"Dear Mr. Lear,
I completely agree with your letter that was sent to me on-line.
My husband and I are a retired couple in central Florida, with limited means.
We plan to vote for Senator McCain as he is the lesser of two evils. We know he loves this country and has proved it many times over.
If Obama becomes president, we worry that his changes will make this country into something very different from what our fore fathers had in mind. We want our children and grandchildren to enjoy the freedom and liberties that we have always enjoyed.
Our problem is that the media has already embraced Obama as President and with his huge amount of contributions is now going to have 30 min. ads on all major networks. How can McCain compete with that?
What can we do as "Joe Plumber" citizens to stop this insanity?????
With deepest regards,
Donna and Larry"
Your fears are well founded, BUT I think we've got a fighting chance. Especially if the pollsters are in the tank for Obama which I suspect. We've got two weeks to get the word out. I'm working 18-20 hrs/day to defrock the imposter because he MUST be stopped!

Keep the faith. All best.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Lear, I totally agree with your letter I received today. I wish there was something we could do to wake up this nation BEFORE a great possible tragedy--an Obama win as President. I still wonder if Obama is "qualified" to run for President? I understand there is a federal lawsuit about Obama's legal citizenship, filed by a Pennsylvania attorney back in August, and it has been postponed conveniently until AFTER the election! Lord, help us!
--Texas' Bill K.